2018 Election

Why is the 2018 election critical to the future of the neighbouring communities of Pembina Trails?

Being accountable to the public while advocating the needs of students and the community is not only a primary function, but also my true passion as a trustee. I have built strong relationships with our superintendent's, principals and teachers, and will continue my commitment to our school division's legacy of excellence. Having served on each of the board committees, I bring a combination of experience in child-centered public policy and financial expertise.

I promise to ...

  • Support development, integration, implementation and evaluation of policies, programs and services to help our students, staff and schools achieve their fullest potential.
  • Ensure a collaborative approach across departments and programs, administration and governments - no single individual, teacher, program or school can meet the holistic needs of every student as they grow - success depends on partnerships.
  • Create balance within an appropriate system of fiscal control and accountability to ensure there are always adequate educational resources and services in place.

What is my long-term vision ...?

Administratively ... Pembina Trails has an unprecedented opportunity to take a continuing leadership role in the building of schools. I fully support the concept of “neighbourhood schools” to encourage students to walk or bike to school. This contributes to good health and supports the belief that schools are the hub of a community. To realize this vision, and eliminate the increased emphasis on busing (and its impact on neighbouring catchment areas), the division must expedite the building of schools planned for the communities of Waverley West.

Academically ... I am eager to face the challenges within the education system as we shift into a 21st Century learning model and prepare students for the future. I endorse the division’s expectation for learning: “that by the end of grade 8, all students in Pembina Trails will meet the Provincial
curricular standards in literacy and numeracy”.

In February 2018, the Provincial Government announced significant changes to educational funding and will be implementing a full review of the education system. I am committed to address all changes from a child-centered public policy approach by placing the best interests of children and youth first. I will advocate for policy and legislative changes that help families and communities raise children who are healthy, successful at learning, and socially secure and engaged.

On Election Day ...

Polls are open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All voters are required to provide proof of identity: a driver's license OR 2 other documents that provide evidence of identity and proof of address.

Every Vote Counts