Want to know what people are saying?

"Kathleen McMillan is an excellent school trustee in the Pembina Trails School Division, serving our diverse community in South Winnipeg. She is thoughtful, hard-working and committed to giving our children a quality education that will equip them for the future."
Terry Duguid
Member of Parliament  - Manitoba Goverment
"I have known Kathleen for 10+ years and she is such an inspiring woman to be around. She is a hard-working individual who sets out to achieve every goal she has in mind. She has a 'hit the ground running' personality to seek out new ideas and different perspectives in order to achieve every best outcome possible. She is friendly, approachable and genuinely committed to governing well. If anyone can help Pembina Trails accomplish more, it would be her."
Crystal Kordalchuk
CEO, Designer/Virtual Assistant  - Virtually Untangled
"Kathleen takes the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions. She inspires respect and cooperation, and has earned praise from fellow Pembina Trails Voices volunteers, friends and colleagues."
Ruth Wiwchar
Former PTV Director  - Pembina Trails
"I can attest to her diligence and ability to set goals and achieve them. A dedicated advocate for children. For many years, Kathleen was the Chair of the Board ... It was always a pleasure working with her."
Jamie Snydal
Director  - Stanley Knowles Preschool
"Kathleen is an adept communicator with strong leadership qualities. A highly competent person with a mind well-suited to business and management. I am certain Kathleen has the qualities necessary to tackle any future challenges facing our school division."
Jacquie Field
Former School Trustee  - Pembina Trails