► Renewal Planning:

Support the annual update of a 5 year Capital Plan for the Public Schools Finance Board and a 5 year Facilities and Operations plan with school-based administrators to meet emerging needs within our very own school division.

► Waverley West:

Continue working toward the realization of divisional plan for school in this area through completion of proposal requests related to design and construction of new schools in
the Waverley West neighbourhoods.

► Mental Health:

To contribute and support staff in recognizing and dealing with understanding mental health and its related issues, and continue to develop strategies and programming that creates positive environments where students and staff flourish and are successful.

► Inclusion:

To continue to build an understanding of inclusion through Universal Design for Learning focusing on social and emotional teaching, inclusive instructional practice and systems as well as structures to support every single student.

► Appropriate Education:

To continue providing direct support to school teams in developing appropriate educational programs for all students, no matter what age
or grade, who have special needs.

► Individual Planning:

Continue supporting the individual educational planning processes for all students with special needs (e.g. Individual Education Plan, Individual Transition Plan, Behaviour Intervention Plan, etc.).

► Literacy:

Continue using literacy assessments as well as data collection and analysis in all grade levels through Fountas and Pinnell, Strong Beginnings and the 14 Parameters programs to improve student achievement right across the board.

► Education Reform:

Work with all levels of government to advocate for policy and legislative changes which will strengthen the public school system and help families and communities raise children who are healthy, successful at learning, and socially secure and engaged.

My Commitment to Education and Pembina Trails ...

To help our community's children and youth reach their potential, and ensure all students and staff experience a school environment that will:

  • Nurture and foster learning;
  • Be physically and emotionally safe; and
  • Recognize and celebrate individual differences.